Prayer Changes Things

Prayer Requests

As a church family we want to be in prayer for one another and we are asking our Christian brothers and sisters
in the Lord to continue to lift up those who are reaching out for prayer. Please be sure to keep us updated with
any new developments or praise reports
We currently have the following requests:


Prayer Requests:


Tom Deroos - This is Bill and Marjorie Reynold's son-in-law. He has been diagnosed with cancer of the liver, pancreas, as well as a spot on his lung. Please pray for healing and strength for his wife and children. (4-9-22)

Update on Tom Deroos- It is with deep sorrow that we announce that Tom Deroos has passed away at the age of 49. We are asking for prayer for his family in this difficult time. Thank you. (5-1-22)

Leslie- An old highschool friend of one of our members has just lost her infant daughter to (SIDS). There is a concern that this will cause Leslie to become lost and lose her faith. She is new in Christ so let us pray not only for the Lord to be close and to comfort those who are broken-hearted by this event but also to help Leslie maintain her faith in Christ. There are no comforting answers for tragedies like this so we lean fully upon the Lord for help. (1-17-22)

Joanne - This is the mother of Karen Flickinger's son-in-law, Justin. She has been diagnosed with colon cancer, and even though the doctors feel they have caught it in the early stages, she will have a difficult road of treatment ahead of her. (1-17-22)

Jane Swope- Jane is still recovering in a rehab facility after being admitted to the hospital having trouble breathing. She is doing well but is now trying to gain strength back in her legs and knees in order to walk and come home. Keep her lifted up. Jane will turn 91 this month and is looking forward to coming back to be with her husband and her RLC church family again. (1-16-22)

Steve Berry - A softball teammate and friend of Pastor Dave, Dave Nicola, Rod and Dave Booth; Steve has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will be undergoing surgery in mid-January. Please pray for the surgeons and all those associated with the procedure and for Steve's full recovery. (12-23-21)

Barry Conrad - A friend of Pastor Dave, Barry was admitted to the West Shore Hospital the week before Christmas with COVID/Pneumonia symptoms. Since then he has developed severe lung and breathing issues. Please pray for Barry's full recovery, strength and wisdom for his wife Lorraine, and that the medical personnel will do all that they can to bring him to the place of resuming his life and level of activity. (12-23-21)

UPDATE - Barry was released from the hospital and is now recuperating at home. Barry, his wife Lorraine and the hospital staff are calling his recovery a miracle. He still has a way to go to be restored to full health, but the power of our healing God was evident and we rejoice with them. (1-15-22)

Roberta and Bill Popp
- Bill underwent an EKG as a part of his recent annual physical and it revealed an abnormality in the upper lobe of his heart. He is currently on medication and will be seen by a cardiologist. Roberta will be having an MRI on her neck to determine what the cause of her discomfort is. Please pray for both of these dear ones that God will intervene supernaturally and bring full healing. (8-7-21)

Bill Rudolph - Bill will be undergoing knee replacement surgery in October. Please pray for the procedure to go smoothly and without any complications. (9-21-21)

UPDATE - Bill's surgery was a success and he is working through rehab as he resmumes his normal daily activities. (12.1.21)

Roberta Popp's Sister - she came through her surgury on Monday, September 27 very well and is recovering. Praise God for His hand on her through this difficult situation. (8.28.21)

Mike Popp - Bill Popp's brother and Roberta Popp's brother-in-law had a heart attack last week and is recovering in Holy Spirit Hospital. He is only 55 so please be praying for a full recovery and reversal of any damage to the heart. (8-30-21)

Cindy Berger - Roxanne Crawford's aunt who has been diagnosed with Colitis and is currently receiving treatment in West Shore Hospital. (8-30-21)

Deanne and her mother Louene- Jeff Beane, one of our members and board director, is asking for prayer for his co-worker Deanne and her mother Louene Warrenfeltz. Louene is struggling with end of life lung cancer. There will not be any treatments and hospice has been called in to assist in making her comfortable. This has taken its toll on Deanne and on her health. We need to lift these women to the Lord and pray protection over Deanne and for her health to be restored in Jesus' name. (6-21-21)

Katy- A niece (who lives in Texas) of Jane Swope, had a test show a growth on her thyroid. They will not know if it is malignant or not for about a week. The doctor was not concerned but Jane is asking for prayer for her niece since she has been through a lot lately with a knee and hip replacement, as well as losing her father. (6-15-21)

Sherry- The sister of Karen Flickinger and Sharen Ewell was in an auto accident last week where a woman t-boned her car and hit the driver side. Not only did the other driver do this but she also lied about it to Sherry's insurance company. Sherry is having a lot of neck and knee pain. Sherry lives in Texas. Let us pray not only for God to be the judge between Sherry and this woman and the insurance company but also for healing of her body. (5-23-21)


Prayer Requests 2020 and earlier


Lauren- Aged 27 was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of leukemia that has a sudden onset and moves quickly. She is currently receiving chemo. Please keep her before the Lord for a miracle and pray protection over her organs. (11-08-20)

Mary Conrad- The sister of Margie Reynolds is starting to shows signs of dementia and her family is asking for prayer for healing. (8-09-20)

Sherri Hopple- She has had cancer return and her family is asking for prayer. We are asking the Lord for every cancer cell to die within her body and for her healing and renewed hope. (8-3-20)

Adam Mayesky- 34 years old with a wife and 2 small children. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer and is in need of immediate prayer for healing and deliverance. Even stage 4 cancer must bow its knee to the will of the Lord. (7-30-20)

Neil Johnson- Neil is an old military friend of Bill Reynolds from Fargo N.D. Neil has prostate and lung cancer that is currently in remission. He notified Bill that he had a heart attack and a stroke. Bill is asking for healing prayers for Neil. He said Neil seems in good spirits in spite of everything he has been through. Let's ask the Lord for a accelerated healing for him and for God to protect him from the cancer returning. (7-12-20)

UPDATE ON MEGAN: We got an exciting word today that Megan is improving by leaps and bounds and actually spoke on the phone to friends/members of our church! This is a testimony of God's miraculous healing and power! The family would like to thank everyone who has prayed and lifted Megan up over these last few weeks and would ask for this to continue until she is out of the woods completely. Prayer changes everything! (7-2-20)

Megan Maguschak- 28, was in a serious car accident on June 18, 2020. Megan was pregnant and near her due date when the accident occured and has lost the baby. She is in a coma in the critical care unit at Allentown's Cedar Crest Hospital. Pray for a miracle healing and recovery for Megan and peace for her family at this very difficult time. (6-19-20)

Willy- A friend [of Miles Saksek] has a nephew Willy, 13 years old, who requires brain surgery. The doctors have come across complications while trying to do the procedure and this has caused Willy to be put on a ventilator. They need the swelling in his brain to go down so the doctors can perform surgery. Let us lift this young man up and keep him in prayer until we hear good news. We ask for the powerful Blood of Jesus to be poured over him because it is that blood that defeated sickness and disease on the cross. (5-28-20)

Doris Berger- Doris is 86 and the sister of Bill Reynolds who attends RLC. She fell in the bathroom on March 18th and broke her hip. She is being operated on for a pin to be placed in her femur bone. Her family is asking for prayer for her recovery. (03-25-20)

Sam Litzelman- Sam is dealing with lymphoma cancer for the 4th time and his family and friends are asking for prayer. (02-02-20)

Phyllis Mariskovic- One of our precious members of RLC has been in the care of Messiah Lifeways off of Mount Allen Drive in Mechanicsburg (Upper Allen). If you wish to visit with this dear lady, please contact us for her room information or contact her daughter Karen Stephenson for more information. (1-12-20)

Jeanne Hoover- She has dementia and has a feeding tube in her stomach since November 2018. Her husband has been taking care of her. She is a long time friend of our member Marjorie Reynolds. (3-3-19)

Melissa Woll- The daughter of Bill and Marjorie Reynolds has breast cancer and they are asking the church for prayer. We pray for every cell in her body to be restored and for the spirit of cancer to flee. We pray the Blood of Jesus to wash over her. (12-09-18)