Prayer Changes Things


Prayer Requests

As a church family we want to be in prayer for one another and we are asking our Christian brothers and sisters
in the Lord to continue to lift up those who are reaching out for prayer. Please be sure to keep us updated with
any new developments or praise reports.
We currently have the following requests:


Prayer Requests:

Phyllis Mariskovic - Phyllis is currently in HealthSouth Rehab facility in Mechanicsburg. She is in room 237D and would welcome any of our church family who like to stop by for a brief visit to say hello. HealthSouth is located at 175 Lancaster Blvd. Mechanicsburg, near Bethany Villiage. (9-23-19)

Jane Swope - On Sunday evening (9-22) Jane was taken to Holy Spirit Hospital with tightness in her chest. Please pray that the doctors will discover what is causing this and that she will be quickly released and allowed to go home. (9-23-19)

Messiah College Students - with school back in full session, please pray for all of the students but especially those who call RLC their church home. In addition, continue to pray for those who have graduated and, although we may not see them on Sundays anymore, we want to continue to pray for God's guidance in their lives. (9-23-19)

Nicole - Ted and Casey, the next door neighbors of Pastor Dave and Katerina, have asked for prayer. Nicole is Casey's sister and is dealing with breast cancer. She had a double-mastectomy a couple of weeks ago. She has two school-age children and is 35 years old. Please pray for her healing and for the entire family as they deal with this very difficult situation. (9-3-19)

Pete Swope - Pete took a tumble outside his home last week and is very sore from the fall. In addition, he has asked for prayer for his sister, Brenda, who is dealing with heart and BP issues. (9-3-19)

Mark Stephenson - this is Tom's brother who has been battling cancer of the pancreas and liver. While the prognosis is not a very good one, Mark loves the Lord with all his heart and rests in His care for him and his wife Mary. Please pray for Mark's healing and strength for his enire family as they deal with this very difficult time. (8-19-19)

Jack - Tara Lukmanji asked for prayer for the son of a co-worker. Jack sustained a pretty serious football injury to his shoulder which will require surgery. Please pray for this young man that God will restore full use of his shoulder without any restrictions. (8-19-19)

Grandma Teddy- Sophia Lukmanji asked for prayer for her grandmother to get better from her sickness. She did not specify the issue but since our God is all-knowing, we stand assured that He can heal her in her place of need. (7-28-19)

Stephen Davidow- The 53 year old nephew of one of our members was laid off from his healthcare job. He has 2 handicapped children and no health insurance, except $3,200 out-of-pocket expense. His family is asking for prayer as he needs God to intervene. (7-21-19)

Mike Hubler - Mike is progressing well from his double-bypass - UPDATE - Mike was cleared to return to work on 9-2 a full month ahead of schedule. Praise God! Please continue to pray for him and Colleen (9-3-19)

Barb Basom and the Basom Family - With the services concluded, Barb and the entire family must now return to everyday life. Please continue to lift Barb in your prayers as her constant companion for the past 56 years is now no longer with her. While the majority of her family will scatter and return to their homes they, too, will need our prayers. (6-27-19)

Mike and Colleen Hubler - Mike's mother recently underwent surgery for a Hiatal hernia. She is recovering at home and needs our prayers as do Mike and Colleen as they care for her. (8-19-19)

Larry Snyder - Please continue to pray for Larry and Karen (their daughter) as they deal with adjusting to life without Gerry. While we rejoice in the fact that Gerry has been made whole again we know this is very difficult for her family. (5-16-19)

Andrew Di Raddo (Pastor Dave's nephew) - Please continue to pray for Andrew, Taylor, and Mikayla as they are stationed in South Korea for the next 2 years. Andrew is a Sargent in the Army and we thank you for your continued prayers of protection over all our service men and women. (5-16-19)

Jeanne Hoover- She has dementia and has a feeding tube in her stomach since November 2018. Her husband has been taking care of her. She is a long time friend of our member Marjorie Reynolds. (3-3-19)

Lexi- Joyce Tompkins asked for prayer for her friend's daughter Lexi who is five months old. She is continually- getting sick. As soon as she gets over something she quickly catches something else. I am praying for God to boost her- immune system to be healthy. (2-14-19)

Melissa Woll- The daughter of Bill and Marjorie Reynolds has breast cancer and they are asking the church for prayer. We pray for every cell in her body to be restored and for the spirit of cancer to flee. We pray the Blood of Jesus to wash over her. (12-09-18)

Lenny Freidhof- His family (Lenny is the son-in-law of our Reynolds family) is asking for prayer for multiple reasons. Lenny falls a lot. He fell down the stairs a few times and does not remember doing so. He also has a lump on his testicle. His wife, Tina, needs prayer dealing with Lenny and these issues. On top of this, Lenny has lost his job due to the issues he is having. The family needs the Lord's help, let's keep them lifted up until there is breakthrough! (8-5-18)

Louie Annibali- Cancer has returned after only a short time of remission. His family is asking for prayer of healing. This family has had too much tragedy over the last several years and we come against the spirit of cancer in Louis and against the spirit of death. Let us keep Louie lifted up and the family as well. We pray healing over their hearts and minds. We pray the covering of the Holy Spirit over the entire family and His Divine protection in Jesus name. (7-16-18)

Michelle- A co-worker of Miles Saksek (one of our members) had her grandmother pass away recently and now her mother has committed suicide. We ask the Lord to bring some element of peace and direction to her heart. If she is not close to the Lord, then we ask for the Holy Spirit to draw her in since a relationship with Christ can bring forth a peace and healing. He is the true Comforter through the Holy Spirit. (6-28-18)