Prayer Changes Things

Prayer Requests

As a church family we want to be in prayer for one another and we are asking our Christian brothers and sisters
in the Lord to continue to lift up those who are reaching out for prayer. Please be sure to keep us updated with
any new developments or praise reports.
We currently have the following requests:


Prayer Requests:

Bernadette Swan- This precious woman of God from the Bronx New York was put into intensive care. We really need to press in for this lady as she is a power force for God on this earth! She is legally blind, has diabetes along with other illnesses. Father, with the Blood of Jesus, we pour out Your Healing power into Bernie's body and declare in the name of Jesus by Your Stripes- SHE IS HEALED! Stand in agreement with us not only for Bernie but for all listed in our prayer chain. (6-20-18)

Mike and Kathy Leib- Tara Saksek asked for prayer saying, "I have a friend's who's husband is going off chemo and now on hospice. Please add them to the prayer list. She is having a miserable time with this." We know how difficult this can be not only for the individual but also for the family members. God can do miracles so let us keep Mike in prayer! (6-20-18)

Jay Fulmer- This is Pastor Dave's best friend's father. He is 82 years old and he discovered that he needs 2 heart valve replacements this week. He is a former pastor. Let us lift this man before the Lord and ask that He guide the hands of the surgeons and bring forth a full recovery. Our God is able!! (6-18-18)

Kayla Klajko- This precious woman of God is going through a very severe Crohn's flare-up that is causing the pills the doctor has given her to not be absorbed into her system. This condition is putting a great deal of stress on her body and is causing her to be very weak. She is also bleeding and is anemic from loosing so much body fluid. She may be given an iron transfusion to help with the anemia. This girl has gone through so much and was healed by the Lord of this disease a few years back. Let us ask Him to remove this curse from her once and for all. She has been recently accepted in the nursing program and has a husband and young son. (6-18-18)

Chuck Swope- The grandson of Pete and Jane Swope (Chuckie) has been in the hospital for a week.   He hurt his knee at work (he has his own landscaping business) and got some kind of infection and they had him in isolation. (6-4-18)

Tammy Wilson- An Alaskan relative of the Swopes/Sakseks who attend our church had a benign mass removed from behind her heart and around her spinal column and was recently readmitted to the hospital with an infection, fluid on her lung, and a hernia. So, she is on IV antibiotics and had her lung drained. Once everything is in the clear, they plan to repair the hernia. It's been quite an ordeal. Let's keep her lifted in prayer until we hear an update on her condition. (5-30-18)

Karen Stephenson - Karen is under consideration for a new job. Please pray for God's will to be accomplished in her life as she prepares for the possibility of this new opportunity. (5-27-18)

Joyce Tompkins - Anthony, the son of a friend of Joyce, is dealing with drug additction. Pray for the Holy Spirit to break the hold of this demonic influence off this young man's life. (5-27-18)

Jane Swope- One of our dear members has contracted pneumonia. As she is one of our treasured seniors, we are praying for the Lord to protect her and to heal her body quickly. (5-23-18)

UPDATE - On Thursday, April 26 at about 7:00 p.m. Faith Nicola's mother, Cookie, went home to be with the Lord. While we rejoice that she is now in the presence of Jesus and completely healed, we will stand with and pray for Faith, Dave, and the entire family during this time of grief and loss. (4-28-18)

Lisa Hadik- Her cousin who attends RLC is asking for prayer because Lisa was just diagnosed with thyroid cancer. (4-8-18)

Joe- a friend of one of our dear members has been diagnosed with colon , liver and lymph node cancer. She is asking that he be lifted up for healing before the Lord. By His Stripes we are healed! (4-1-18)

Roy Sheffer- His lung cancer has returned for the third time. He also has broken ribs that the doctors claim will never heal. Let us keep this man lifted before the Lord. The impossible is POSSIBLE for our God. (4-1-18)

Sean Latanishen- This powerful young man of God contacted Pastor Dave to be put on our prayer chain. He had a cancerous mass removed from his abdomen as well as 3 feet of his intestines removed. He is the father of new baby Michael Timothy (see RLC News page). Sean is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments and needs our prayers to strengthen his body. Cancer must bow before the God we serve and we are asking all of you to keep Sean lifted and covered during this time. Please also cover his family as well. In particualar his wife Liz and son Michael standing against the spirit of fear. (3-31-18)

Fred and Jessica Verboes - Pastor Dave married this young couple 2 years ago and they recently welcomed their son, Wyatt. Their beautiful baby boy has been identified as having a minor congenital heart defect that will require surgery. He will undergo the procedure on Wednesday, April 4. Please pray for little Wyatt to come through the operation perfectly and for Freddy and Jessica to have peace and the knowledge of God's presence. (3-31-18)

Madea Smeltz and husband- They pay $1,200 per month to live in an old rundown hotel. They are asking for prayer to get good paying jobs so they can move into their own home. (3-25-18)

Joyce Tompkins- Has gone for a job interview in Harrisburg that she feels the Lord has led her to. Please pray God's favor for her if this is the place He wants for her. (2-18)
UPDATE: Joyce was offered and has accepted the job! She is thrilled to begin her new position on Monday, April 2. Praise God!!

Karen Kute- Brittni Stuckey has asked for prayer for her mother Karen. She writes: 'We got bad news two Fridays ago that her cancer is back. She had surgery on Monday and its lung cancer on her ovary. All was removed but we will be going back to chemotherapy.' Let us lift Karen up continuously until we know she is clear of any cancer recurring. Our God is able! (2-2)

Jack Stuckey- Brittni Stuckey's baby son. Over the last 1.5 months he has had a 4 day hospitalization for bronchiolitis, 3 ear infections. Let us pray for his complete healing so he will not need ear tubes or have any further complications. (2-2-18)

The Annibali and Saksek Families - On Wednesday, December 20, 2017 Tammi Annibali's daughter died suddenly. She was Miles Saksek's half-sister. Pray especially for her mother Tami as she is having an especially difficult time adjusting after the death of her daughter. (5-23-18))

One of the ladies on the staff of the Park Inn approached Pastor Dave before church last Sunday (12.17.17) and asked for prayer as she has been diagnosed with breast and lymph node cancer. Pastor Dave told her that we are her church family (she does not have one) and we will pray and walk through this time with her. (12-21)

Matt Evans - Matt is a friend of Tara Saksek and has been diagnosed with pacreatic cancer and difficulties with his liver. Please pray for God to flood his body with the power of the Holy Spirit to heal him completely! (12-21)

Todd Campbell- One of our members had asked for prayer for this wonderful husband and father who was taken to the hospital due to an emergency aortic rupture. He survived but is currently in critical condition. He has had 7 surgeries so far,so he has a long road in front of him. We pray that this time of healing will be accelerated and the Lord will spare his life that he may be with his family again and be a testimony to the healing power of our Lord! (8-6)

Phyllis Mariskovic- Her son-in-law is asking for prayer for Phyllis. She is 86 years old and is suffering from several health issues. We have been praying for Phyllis for quite some time but would like to have as many people lifting her up as possible. (8-5-17)

Dwane Hostetter- Has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Dwane has been healthy his entire life so this diagnosis has come as a surprise. The family is asking for prayer for his total healing. (7-23) UPDATE: Dwane's tests came back that the cancer has not spread to other areas of his body. We praise the Lord for this report and we continue to lift up his complete healing in Jesus' name! (7-30)

Milton- He has been diagnosed with Perkins Lymphoma on his chest wall. He is undergoing radiation. His family and friends are asking for prayer for his healing. (6-24)

Steve- This dear friend and boss of one of our members has lost his sight in one of his eyes. He is understandably very scared and concerned. We are praying for a total and complete healing in the name of Jesus. We ask the Lord to restore his sight so He can give all of the praise to God! (3-15)

Colleen and Mike- Colleen's father suffers from dementia and is under her and Mike's care. We pray for wisdom for them and healing for her dad for a sound mind and body. We pray for the Lord's favor in their finances as well as Colleen had to leave her jon in order to care for her father. (3-5)

Pauline- They found a mass in her lungs but haven't diagnosed it yet. Her family is asking for prayer. (2-6)

Linda- Linda's family who attend RLC are asking for prayer for her. Her vision issues are getting more serious and they are concerned she will lose her sight altogether. She has lost most of her vision in her right eye due to Macular Degeneration. She will require shots in her eyes. The eye drops required are extremely expensive. We are asking the Lord to restore her sight fully. (1-15-17)

Judy- Lives in Alaska and has family that attends RLC. She fell recently and broke her jaw. She developed a brain bleed and is being watched by the doctors. Her heart is being addressed as well. She is in her 70s. (1-15-17)

Gerry- This dear friend who attends RLC is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and gets very discouraged when she has trouble walking. We pray that the Lord will touch her body and for the spirit of arthritis to be removed so healing can come. We pray for a strengthening of her body. (1-15-17)

Sheree- Is undergoing treatment for Parkinsons. She is going into Hershey Medical Center because of an infection where the wires were implanted in her head. Her family are asking for the church to pray for her healing. (11-20-16)

Renee- She has lung cancer and has had surgery in November. They are asking for prayer for her healing. (11-20)

Messiah College Student's mother and father- This precious student has asked for prayer for her father that he may come to love his brother and let go of all past wrongs. For her mother, that she may find happiness in depression. Let us lift up this family and asked the Lord to come and do a work in their hearts so that healing may come to her parents. (11-6)

Chad and Jennifer- Jennifer was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 2 months ago. It has moved into her liver and lungs. She and Chad have 9 and 12 year old sons. Please pray against the spirit of cancer and for her healing. (10-30)

Dalton- A baseball player at Messiah College was hit in the head with a baseball and suffered a seizure. We are praying for his healing and that there will be no further complications from this accident. (9-18)

Chris Warner- The family of Chris who attend RLC are asking for prayer for her and her family lost Chris' husband Chuck yesterday 9-17-16. We pray for the comfort and peace of the Holy Spirit to be with them and for healing to come for their hearts. (9-18)

Brooklynn- One of our young members has been having stomach pains which causes her to lose her appetite and bring headaches from lack of eating. With going to school and this taking place, it has become very hard for her. Let us pray for a proper diagnosis for her and more important than that, let us pray for healing for this precious beautiful girl. (9-18)

Messiah College Wrestler-This young man landed on his neck and was not able to move his arms. He had to be air-lifted to a hospital. We are asking for prayer for complete healing and recovery. (9-18)

Bob- He is in Pittsburgh in the ICU with liver and organ failure. We are asking the Lord for a miracle for Bob. (8-14)

Andrew- Has 3rd stage melanoma with lymph node involvement. The family is asking for prayer for healing. (7-31)

Judy- Is the mother of one of our members and has many physical ailments that need prayer. Now, she is fighting with dementia as well that is taking her away from her family very quickly. The family is asking for peace of mind and sound mind and body for her. (7-24)

Charlie and Emma- Our members are asking for prayer for Charlie and Emma who are recovering from an auto accident. Charlie has complications of pneumonia, sepsis, and multiple broken bones. Emma also has pneumonia and multiple broken bones. (7-24)

Cheryl- She is asking her church family for prayer regarding her right knee and her ankle. She has an appointment at OIP now to find out what is going on. (7-24)

Jennifer- This very precious lady has been suffering with an illness that has not been diagnosed as yet. We need to pray not only for the Lord to heal but also for favor for an appointment with a doctor who will see her and correctly diagnose her. (7-24)

Sam- He has had cancer 3 times and it has now returned. His legs have swollen but is not the cause of the cancer, which is slow growing. Let us pray for a proper diagnosis and for the Lord to touch and heal this man. (7-17)

Ruth- Ruth has cancer throughout her body and one of our members is asking for prayer for her healing. (6-26)

RLC members- We have a few high risk pregnancies within the church (and with friends outside of our church) as well as several women who have miscarried. We are asking for prayer for these women to carry to full term and for the Lord to open the wombs of those trying to get pregnant. We pray a hedge of protection over these women. (6-26)

Steve- This co-worker of one of our members was told that he is going blind due to progressive macular degeneration. Also, please pray that he will not lost his job.

Judy and Bill- This mother and brother are both in the hospital. Judy is in intensive care. Please pray for a full recovery. (5-15)

Bud- Bud needs supernatural strength in his body. He is often left very weak and unable to do the things he would like to do. He has diabetes, which caused many complications, etc. We are asking for full restoration of his health. (5-15)

Judy- She has extreme phlebitis in her legs and is experiencing a great deal of pain where it becomes difficult to walk. Due to this condition, she has trouble with developing blood clots. We are praying for total healing of her body. (5-8)

Sean- This co-worker of one of our members committed suicide. She is asking for prayer for his 4 children and his family. (5-1)

Ruth- She has cancer throughout her body and is just starting treatment. We are asking for prayer for her healing. (5-1)

Eve and Kim- One of our members is asking for prayer for these family members but did not specify the need. God knows what we do not so we lift these women up in their place of need. (5-1)

Tiffany- This young woman of 42 was diagnosed with Lymphoma this week. She is the mother of 2 young children and she is understandably scared. We pray for the Lord to intervene supernaturally and if Tiffany does not know the Lord, we pray for her salvation. (3-13)

Name withheld by request- A woman in our church asked for prayer for her adult daughter to be free from the bondage
of alcoholism. She has been in rehab numerous times but continues to struggle to stay somber. We pray for the strength of the Holy Spirit to come and help her break through and the blood of Jesus to wipe her clean from the pull of this disease. (3-6)

Wanda- Has entered into renal failure. We pray that by His Stripes, she is healed and delivered from this devastating condition. The Lord has the power to give her brand new kidneys. Let us stand in agreement and believe for that miracle healing. (3-6)

Cheryl- This dear lady is suffering from multiple issues that the doctors cannot seem to find the root causes. Her thyroid gland also needs regulated. Let us stand in agreement that the Lord will not only touch her body and minister healing, but that in the mean time, He will give the doctors a supernatural ability to diagnose what is causing her issues. (3-6)

Joseph- This elderly man has been diagnosed with stage 4 Bile duct cancer and was given 2-4 months to live. We ask that the Lord come quickly and for His Blood to wash over Joseph's body dissolving any cancerous tumors. We pray for a miracle for him and for peace to come to the hearts of his family. (2-28)

Harley- Is addicted to drugs and has been ordered to rehab. We pray for the Lord to breakthrough for her but more importantly, we pray for her salvation in Jesus. Only God can change a heart. (2-28)

Shelly- The doctors found a mass on her liver and spleen. We not only prayer for the Lord's intervention for healing but more importantly, we pray for her salvation in Christ. (2-28)

Tom- The brother of one of our members had a massive stroke. He is 51 years old and is in a hospital in Virginia. We pray for the Lord to heal him and for there will be no brain damage. (2-28)

Bret- Is asking for prayer for the dream job of Marina mechanic that he has applied for. (2-28)

Terry- We pray for the restoration of her relationship with her children. She is also asking for prayer for her mother who is in the early stages of dementia. (2-28)

Kim- The mother of one of our precious attendees, has been told that she needs a knee replacement. She is also experiencing headaches. We are asking for prayer that through the healing power of the Blood of Jesus, she will not need a knee replacement and that the headaches will cease. (2-28)

Theodora- The mother of one of our own has dementia. Her daughter Cindy is asking for prayer for sound mind and body for her mother and for wise decisions the family needs to make in taking care of her. (2-28)

Diane- She is asking for prayer for her son and 3 grandchildren who are struggling with many issues due to a rough divorce battle. Pray against anger and pray for favor in the courts for her son. We ask the Lord to expose the devil's schemes against this family and we pray for peace to reside over their house. (2-28)

Josh- A young man was hit in a serious motorcycle accident and is in danger of losing his leg. We are praying for a complete and total healing of his body and that the Lord will supernaturally restore his leg. (2-28)

Anne- She has been diagnosed with a malignant lung mass. Anne is a 3 time breast cancer survivor and has 3 older children. (One son has just finished college, one has just started college and she has a doctor who lives and works in York.) We pray for a supernatural miracle for Anne and we pray for the family to have hope and peace in this time. We ask the Lord for a good report regarding the mass in her lung. We rebuke the spirit of death and speak life into her body. We command all cancer cells to die off, in Jesus' name. (2-28-16)