Super Bowl Sunday

February 4, 2018

Sunday service at Remnant Life Church


A few of us ventured out on this snowy Sunday morning to

gather together and celebrate the Lord on His Day

and oh...a few of us decided to

support our favorite sports team! Take a look...


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Time to set up! Pastor Dave Di Raddo and Paul Flickinger at the soundboard area.

Can't get any better than these two-
Pete and Jane Swope- loyal and ready to serve!!

Awesome Johnny Unitas jersey, Pete!

Pastor Dave reacting to Jane's Dallas Cowboys tee-shirt!
Jane is the RLC house knitter! If you need ANYTHING made that takes yarn- she's your girl! Amazing stuff!

L-R: Our Worship Leader and Board Director Dave Nicola, Jane Swope and Pastor Dave.

Karen forgoing her Dallas Cowboys roots and going green to support the Eagles. She can now be our friend, right Donna? (ha-ha)

L-R: Karen Flickinger and Worship singer Donna Kelly

Worship singer Christy Beane and Greyson Beane

NY Giants supporters

Missing daddy Jeff and sister Addison
(Feel better soon, Addie!)

Mr. Dave Booth...uh...not messing with him! Go ahead Dave, wear that Steelers look awesome!

L-R: Pastor Dave, Dave Booth and Randy Foose

Two great ladies-

Pastor Dave's mother-in-law Lorraine Swope and Board Director Denise Fritz

Arriving for service- Messiah College student Logan (Log) Hunsberger (awesome worship leader).

In the background (L-R): student Haley Maraday, Pete Swope and student Katie Heidenreich

Barry's up to something...we can tell...

L-R: Pastor Dave and Board Director Barry Basom (Katie photo-bombing in the mirror...)


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